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Monday, January 11, 2010

Vintage Glam and Miss Monroe

You cannot talk about glamour without her name coming into your mind, you cannot think about vintage and not think about her for a second at least...Try it, if you don't believe me! Close your eyes and picture vintage glamour... VoilĂ ! I told you so :)

She was one of a kind, an amazing goddess that dominated the 50s with her beauty, charm and unprecedented glow; she fascinated everyone around her, both men and women, while she could never go by unnoticed. She was a star, bringing an elegant and classy sexuality and glamour into the 50's era that no other female star had managed so far. She was beautiful, funny, smart, glamorous, sweet, vulnerable, fascinating, adorable, she was unique and simply...Marilyn!

Behind her gorgeous smile and the "bedroom-eyes" there was a lot more than people could have ever imagined… If you are interested in more than just the glamour outfits “The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe” by J.Randy Taraborrelli is a great book about her life that I have recently read (got it as a present from Santa :)) and that has captivated me from the first page on! I recommend it for those who admire her already and for those who just want to read an amazing biography of an amazingly beautiful person (please read in English tough, the translation into Romanian is not the best one) …

Let’s get carried away into the classy 50s, back in the days when Marilyn was dominating style and fashion and enjoy some of my favorite vintage looks: 100% Marilyn, 200% glamour!

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