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Monday, January 24, 2011

Tulle-ing around town :)

Hey Sweeties,

a wonderful Monday morning to all of you :)

Am on holiday this week, so this Monday morning could not be better!
And on this beautiful snowy morning I have a fashion confession to make: I love tulle and tutu's, sooooo much! Not because they are so hot and in style right now, I've always adored them because a girl could not feel more fisky, delicate and sexy than when tutu-ing around, wrapped in layers and layers of rich, graceful tulle. Tutu's will also make your waist look smaller and legs thinner and also cover any imperfections around your hips!


P.S. Don't forget to join my 60s GIVEAWAY!

Tutu - Handmade by Meelusha (order per mail at meelusha@gmail.com)
Green Cardigan- Vintage, handmade by my mom's in her college years! It's one of the most valuable items I
own, just priceless!
Bag - Vintage
T-shirt - Mango
Boots - BB up

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Join my 1st GIVEAWAY!


Finally!!! It's time for me to host the 1st giveaway on my blog and I'm really excited about it! Since I wanted it to be something really special for my lovely followers, it took me quite some time to decide what it will be, and taking some more time to make up my mind was definitely worth it, because it's a simply amazing collection item!!!

I love vintage and glamourous fabrics, so...

Tadaaaah, here it is: an amazing 60s vintage silk scarf by Daniel la Foret (Paris)! The generous size of 75cm/75cm will defintely allow you to style it in many spectacular ways, while I especially paid attention to choosing this giveaway also based on the color palette, so it will be 100% in style for S/S 11! I am totally in love with it and it's hard to say goodbye, but I am sure you lucky winner, will cherish it as much as I do!

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO to win this vintage treasure:
1. Follow both my blogs: http://meelusha.blogspot.com/ and http://vintagebymeelusha.blogspot.com/
2. Leave a comment on this post where you tell me what your favorite style decade is
3. Don't forget to include your e-mail address in the comment, so we can get in touch if you're the lucky winner :)

Deadline to enter the Giveaway is Feb 10th!

Good luck, honeys!!!

Friday, December 31, 2010


may you have a wonderful 2011, full on happiness, health, love ...and some amazing vintage treasures :)
Vintage Meelusha

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time for V for Vintage again!

The famous V for Vintage hits again!
De data aceasta cu spirit verde şi armură de dantelă la Sala Dalles, 9-10 Octombrie intre 12.00 si 20.00 si asta "Pentru că la evenimentele de modă nu merg doar femei superficiale, iar la târguri bio nu vezi doar feministe androgine."...

Pe langa minunate comori vintage vom intalni designeri romani cu colectii green si eco de hainite si bijuterii, organic food, cosmetice bio si carti!
DRESS-CODE: verde, organic, pe bicicletă :)
INTRARE: 10 lei, cu un cocktail Campari inclus

See you there,
Green VMeelusha

Saturday, September 4, 2010

On the last day of summer...

Last saturday we still had a really crazy temperature of around 40 degrees, so me and my baby went off to the park to relax by the lake with birds singing, swans swimming around and a cool lake breeze...accompanied by the Coco Chanel biography I am delighted to read right now.

I chose to wear my london vintage acquisition in terms of dresses, accesorized with a Stradivarius brown belt, H&M wedges and a coral flower in the hair. The bag I'm wearing is a very special piece from the 70s, handmade by my mom and one of my wardrobe darlings!

Feel a bit inspirationless for dressing up in warmer clothes since the chilly weather came so unexpected...but a bit of shopping to refresh my closet will most probably solve this issue :) Am so looking forward to shopping in Barcelonaaaaaa!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My London Vintage Finds

I know I was long overdue with this post...but finally it's here! Please enjoy my wonderful vintage treasures acquired in London, mostly Spitalfields Markest in the East End.

A lovely fuchsia cardigan (lambs wool & angora), a wonderful summer dress and two cute little leather belts...Was not intending to wear this outfit as such and only put it together for taking a pic, but ...to be honest...I think I got something really nice here and I'm most def gonna wear it this autumn.

Couldn't have left London without them, my ugly little Oxford shoes...and then there was this gorgeous Aigner scarf that I had to take home with me as well :)

And I also found those amazing little treasures smiling back at me on a Spitafields table filled with junk and vintage wonders at the same time! Viva Chile!

Hugs and hope you like 'em,


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

„Vintage Shopping in London” ...or „A Vintage Lover’s Paradise”

Vintage Fashion is definitely more IN than ever, especially for those who want to add that special „something” to their style and make an outfit uniquely chic. Being dressed like everyone else is not so cool is it? Hitting the clubs and meeting your dress-clone from Zara or Mango is not something we wanna go thru, do we?...well, by adding a vintage twist to your look, you’ll be one of a kind for sure :)

Being one of the most influential fashion „temples” across the globe, London just had to be as generous in regards to vintage offers as it is with everything else, since there is really nothing you can’t find there! I had the great pleasure to stroll across a few of London’s vintage venues, experience that I definitely want to share :) Vintage shops in London are much more specialized, organized and generous in terms of the offer, than the ones we have in Romania, BUT it all comes at a price, you won’t find real bargains (compared to prices we have here!), dress prices average from 15 to 25 GBP and you will be able to find almost any age and any style: evening dresses from the 50s, flower power from the 70s and party dresses from the 80s…they have it all! I also got to admire real treasures by Dior or Lanvin, but for the moment let’s just say they are out (waaaaay out) of my budget-league!

Below is my very small list of vintage dens I got to visit. I also left with some souvenirs (mais biensur :)) and will share them with you in my next post!

Absolute Vintage – East End, 15 Hanbury Street
This one is just WOW! First of all, it’s huge and you’ll find tons and tons of shoes, belts and bags, all organized by sizes and colors! They would not let me take a picture inside (yes, they have a huge security guard standing around!), but believe me I was amazed when I stepped in and it’s worth to visit.

Bang-Bang –The Clothing Exchange: West End (Soho), 9 Berwick Street
This small and cute boutique is bringing a quite popular London concept to life and that’s like the name says it: the “clothing exchange”. If you’ve got something vintage or just second hand that you want to trade for something else or just sell it, this is the place! The offer is quite small, but it changes very, very often and you’ll find items branded by H&M up to Balenciaga (fell instantly in love -and had to break up almost immediately as well- with some wedges at 150 GBP!), Luella or Stella McCartney.

Beyond Retro: West End (Soho), 58-59 Great Marlborough Street
This is also a place you definitely need to see, since they've got a great veriety of decades and items to offer. They've got a second shop on 110-112 Chesire Street in the East End, unfortunately I did not get to see that one as well.

The Salvation Army – Central, 9 Princes Street
Do not really get mislead by the name :) you won’t find that many cheap items here neither. Being really centrally located, really close to Oxford Circus and to the London College of Fashion, this is a very popular venue for stylists and designers, some even claim that Vogue employees love to visit from now and then!

Spitalfields Market – East End, off Commercial Street
Oh, The Old Spitalfields Market in the East End! I so loved this place, where you can find a lot of interesting and a bit more better priced vintage and antique items, while the sellers are also up for some “light” negotiations, so never forget to bargain! Every vendor has quite a small selection, so if you see something nice, you have to grab it pretty fast…ok, after acting like you don’t care, so they’ll go down with the price…but not for too long, like I did, ‘cause someone else will heartlessly buy that amazing peach ruffle dress you wanted so much!!! And while vintage shopping, you can have some amazing food as well :)

Portobello Road Market – West, Portobello Road
This is definitely a London Must See, since the Portobello Area offers a quite different feeling of London, being more picturesque, with the small, chic houses and nice coffee shops and restaurants. Starting from the Notting Hill Gate tube station, going down to Portobello Road, you will come across several vintage shops, while the road itself hosts a charming street-market and the cutest little boutiques.

Hope it helps!

Enjoy your shopping :)
"Vintage Meelusha"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wearing My Green Vintage Treasure

I really, totally, completely love this 70's vintage Vera Mont Paris dress that I found at a vintage fair a few months ago! It was love at first sight and try on :) I chose to accesorize it with a satin, pale pink high waist band and a creen clutch. Shoes were pale pink, high heel sandals.
The occasion: the wedding ceremony and party of some very dear friends!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think.
Vintage Meelusha

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The 1st selection of Vintage Treasures is available...

This is a very special, primary selection of beautiful items, I decided to say good-bye to first. I still like every wonderful piece, but there comes a moment...when you have to make room in your wardrobe and learn to let go...Hope you'll like them and you'll treat them with love as the new owners :)

Hugs & Kisses,
"Vintage Meelusha"

P.S.: for prices in Euros/ USD just drop me an email!

Brown and Gold Simplicity

Aceasta gentuta simpla din piele ecologica, anii '60, este totodata si foarte practica datorita curelei mai lungi care se poate pune peste piept.
Stare: Foarte buna
Dimensiuni: latime 24 cm, inaltime 18 cm, lungime curea 90 cm
Pret: 50 Ron

The Little Black Bag

Pe langa "the little black dress", nu trebuie sa ne lipseasca din garderoba nici "the little black bag". Aceasta superba gentuta neagra din piele din anii '60 are dimensiunile perfecte pentru o posetuta sic de mana, care poate "adaposti" in mod elegant cele necesare unei lady.
Stare: Foarte Buna
Dimensiuni:latime 22 cm, inaltime 18 cm, lungime curea-maner 30 cm
Pret: 65 Ron

Classy in Laque: Repro Mary Jane's

Pantofiori Mary Jane din piele ecologica, lacuita, imitand stilul anilor '60. Mi-au placut enorm de cum i-am vazut in stresul cumparaturilor, la ora inchiderii intr-un magazinas in Germania si grabita de vanzatoare disperata sa inchida...i-am luat, nefiind neaparat marimea potrivita pentru mine. In concluzie am reusit sa ii port de 3 ori ... chinuita tare :(
Stare: Foarte buna, purtati foarte putin
Marime: 37
Pret: 45 Ron

British Vintage Look

Niste pantofiori superbi, unisex, pentru cele mai curajoase dintre voi, anii '8o, provenienta: UK. Pantofii sunt lucrati deosebit de atent, fiind alcatuiti integral din piele.
Stare: Noi,Nepurtati
Marime: 39.5
Pret: 85 Ron

White Handmade Chique

Acest sal superb, lucrat manual, este cu adevarat o piesa rara din anii '70. Forma sa ovala il face usor de purtat pe umeri, putand fii totodata purtat si in jurul gatului. Brosa nu este inclusa.
Stare: buna, franjurii sunt putin incurcati, trecerea timpului a lasat totusi niste semne
Dimensiuni:lungime 125 cm
Pret: 35 Ron

Gobelin Elegance

O deosebita geanta din anii '60, in forma trapezoidala, alcatuita din piele ecologica maro roscat si un goblen colorat.
Stare: Foarte buna
Dimensiuni: latime 26 cm la baza, 23 cm in partea superioara, inaltime 23 cm, lungime curea-maner 30 cm
Pret: 55 Ron

Butterfly Magic...

O delicata esarfa din panza bej cu imprimeu de fluturasi veseli si jucausi, anii '70.
Stare: excelenta
Dimensiuni:94 cm/94 cm
Pret: 35 Ron

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Italian Vintage Glam

Esarfa eleganta cu imprimeu de inspiratie antica, anii '90, provenienta: Italia.
Stare: excelenta
Dimensiuni:88 cm/88 cm
Pret: 40 Ron - REZERVATA

Do you love birdies?

Esarfa bleu-marin cu imprimeu de pasari salbatice, 100% matase, anii '80, provenienta: Elvetia.
Stare: excelenta
Dimensiuni:66 cm/135 cm
Pret: 35 Ron

Flower Power :)

O esarfa vesela din anii '80.
Marca: J.S. Germaine
Stare: buna (prezinta mici semne de purtare)
Dimensiuni:75 cm/78 cm
Pret: 30 Ron