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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Time for V for Vintage again!

The famous V for Vintage hits again!
De data aceasta cu spirit verde şi armură de dantelă la Sala Dalles, 9-10 Octombrie intre 12.00 si 20.00 si asta "Pentru că la evenimentele de modă nu merg doar femei superficiale, iar la târguri bio nu vezi doar feministe androgine."...

Pe langa minunate comori vintage vom intalni designeri romani cu colectii green si eco de hainite si bijuterii, organic food, cosmetice bio si carti!
DRESS-CODE: verde, organic, pe bicicletă :)
INTRARE: 10 lei, cu un cocktail Campari inclus

See you there,
Green VMeelusha

Saturday, September 4, 2010

On the last day of summer...

Last saturday we still had a really crazy temperature of around 40 degrees, so me and my baby went off to the park to relax by the lake with birds singing, swans swimming around and a cool lake breeze...accompanied by the Coco Chanel biography I am delighted to read right now.

I chose to wear my london vintage acquisition in terms of dresses, accesorized with a Stradivarius brown belt, H&M wedges and a coral flower in the hair. The bag I'm wearing is a very special piece from the 70s, handmade by my mom and one of my wardrobe darlings!

Feel a bit inspirationless for dressing up in warmer clothes since the chilly weather came so unexpected...but a bit of shopping to refresh my closet will most probably solve this issue :) Am so looking forward to shopping in Barcelonaaaaaa!